There are many ways you can compare these two poems. One way is from the meaning, both of the poems are about different things. The poem the falling leaves is about leaves falling, but it has a deeper meaning. The deeper meaning is that the poem compares leaves falling and dying to humans. I believe the author does this because it has now become natural to see death happen as natural as leaves falling in autumn. This means the author is making clear that humans have been desensitised towards death as she compares the dead soldiers from world war 1 to the dead leaves falling. Hawk roosting is a poem that explains the feeling of hawks.

The fear was infectious – fear is not an object that can physically infect people, therefore this quote is a metaphor. This means that it doesn’t make sense as fear is not infectious, therefore this quote is incorrect but it has a greater meaning which overall makes it acceptable. The greater meaning of this quote is that something is making joe Simpson scared. This could be from an object such as the crevasse, or a sudden realisation that he is most likely going to die. As joe has seen or realised these things, the fear corrupted him like an infection, but only living things can be infectious. As fear can be infected from something else like in these situations, it is acceptable to describe fear as infectious. The effect this quote gives is that you feel bad for joe. This is because the fear is described as infectious, so if you were in his position, you would be scared.

“The sudden stillness and quiet after the storm.” The title of the novel, Touhing the void, may have several deeper meanings which may mirror either the attitude of to climbers within the book or may also be related to the experiences they have during their expedition. The quote above gives us an impression of what Joe, one of the climbers in the book, may think about the void. The dictionary definition for void is a completely empty space. This may have several implications within the book such as how close to death the climber Joe came to during his journey. He may not believe in an afterlife so the void may be death or emptiness after death he faces in his journey. This shows us that the climber may have a lack of belief in God as he views death as a void. The void could also be referring to the sudden disappearance of the relationship the climbers have with each other after the incident in which Simon end up cutting the rope causing joe to fall off the mountain. The void is mainly used to refer to the absence of something but in this case the void has a presence so it could be something or someone may be there. This someone may be an invisible presence, this emptiness may be God. “The nature of the game was controlling me.” The fact that Joe also talks about something uncontrollable guiding him through which may show that the void is a live presence.

Endrit, it is always such a pleasure to read your essays. Every time you submit a controlled assessment you demonstrate tangible improvement in your writing style and depth of analysis. In particular the strengths of this essay are in how you are now writing very clear statements that state your position and when you use quotations you explore them more fully. You’re using much more sophisticated sentence constructions which is in turn allowing you to express more subtle, comparative ideas.

To develop your work further you will want to:

  1. Use a much wider range of supporting quotations. Every time you make a point or a statement and every time you discuss an effect in a text, use a quotation to support it.
  2. Remember to identify the differences or similarities between the two texts in terms of ideas and language as you go through the essay – don’t limit this just to the introduction
  3. Prepare yourself better by developing a set of observations (in this case about women’s emotions) and find supporting quotations before you go into the assessment
  4. Interrogate the language further, finding and explaining more language devices each time you use a quotation.
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There are many situations in the book where pathetic fallacy is shown. Pathetic fallacy is when the sarroundings of the character reflects the feelings and emotions of the character in the book. One time pathetic fallacy is shown in this book is when simon is trapped in the crevasse,simon thinks that he is going to die as he sees no way out of the area. As simon feels like he’s going to die the area around him suggests the same thing. The area he was in at the time was dark, gloomy and empty. This describes death as people believe that death is dark and lonely, just like the crevasse. This is one of the many situations when pathetic fallacy is shown in this book.

“The mountain breathed”

The quote ” the mountain breathed” is from touching the void. The language technique used is personification. This is when you giving an object a living function, in this case, it says that the mountain breaths, but it doesn’t. This allows the reader to know the person in the environment is alone and can feel his surroundings. The effect this gives is that you can put yourself in the person’s boots, and you can imagine how the person in the story feels. This links to the story of touching the void because it is set in the mountains. Using personification allows the readers to be more involved in the story as it is a good way to describe surroundings. As well as this it gives the environment character as there are only two main characters in the story.

Claire Francis had experienced many feelings during the storm. at first, during the first part of the storm, she was experiencing worry. she couldn’t stop thinking about her boat and kept on thinking about the possible damages that the boat will receive. i know this because in the source is says “At times like that it was easy to imagine that “the mast had just broken or the hull split in two”. as she is thinking about the possible damages to the boat during the storm, it shows that she is worried for her boat.

As well as this, i know that Clair Francis felt helpless alot of the time. this is because during the storm she went to look for dry clothes as her current clothes were wet. but she was having trouble finding dry clothes in her locker due to leakages. i know this because in the source it says “I went below to search out some dry ones. It was an impossible job”. As Clair couldn’t find any dry clothes, it proves that she was helpless in her situation.

finally another feeling Claire Francis experienced was defeat. i know this because in the source she uses the word impossible. the word impossible is usually used when something cannot be beaten or achieved. this also suggests that she has been psychologically beaten by the storm as she specifically says “it was an impossible job”. if she wasn’t beaten by the storm she would have said it was a hard job or something similar to that.

there are many ways the headline and the picture link to the text. the headline is “Up, up and away–the day that armchair travel really took off”. this headline suggests that there is a person traveling high in an armchair. i know this because the title says “up, up and away”. this tells me there is something flying, but later on in the title it says “the day that armchair really took off”. the whole title gives you an image in your head that shows an armchair traveling in the air. this is exactly what the text is about, it is about a man who strapped himself to an armchair that was attached to balloons full of helium. therefore the text links well with the headline.

aswell as this, the picture in this article suggests many things. the picture shows a man strapped to an arm chair, while being lifted over the sea by helium balloons. the text and the headline both explain the same thing. as the text goes into more detail about why the person decided to fly on an armchair attached to helium balloons, it links well to the picture. the headline also explains that there is a flying armchair, this is why the text, headline and picture link well.

There are many meanings in the title “touching the void”. Some people may accept the literal meaning of this, as void means empty space. People may believe that as void means emptiness, it suggests that the characters in the book touch emptiness. But what is emptiness. Emptiness could mean death. If you replace then word void in the title with death the title would be “touching death”. This could be one if the meanings of the title “touching the void” because the characters in the book could be having a near death experience, or might actually die. Another meaning of void can be space. If you replace the word void in the title with space it means a different thing. If a book was called “touching the space” and you know that the book is about mountain climbers, you could conclude that the book is about climbers that fall down a place where no one has been. This could be another meaning of the book, but different people might have different beliefs about what the book could be about. In the book joe says that climbing is like a vicious circle. By this he means he means its like an addiction, when he achieves something, he wants to try something even harder. He says “it was a vicious circle” meaning he will kill himself climbing and he knows it. This could be another meaning of void. It could mean addiction. An addiction that will once get you killed as it will make you try something harder and more dangerous. In joes case, the something dangerous is climbing higher mountains.


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